Books by Deniz Besim

The visual images inspired by the writing of my poetry has been installed in my imagination forever and always.  I don't doubt that when readers decide to pick up my poetry, it will be installed within their imaginations too. 

 The Sky that Falls, A Collection of Poems
by Deniz Besim

The book is a collection of forty poems that are divided into four
groups of poetic forms. The forms include villanelles, sestinas,
pantoums and sonnets. Every poem tells a story and some of the poetry
narrate more optimistic tales while other poems explore societal
issues. Issues explored within the poems include unfaithfulness, the
media, bullying, science, agriculture, adoption and more. The
optimistic poems in the collection explores friendship, marriage, love,
holidays, seasons and nature. The optimistic poetry contrasts the
serious undertones presented within the more political poems.

The Valley that Calls, A Collection of Poems by Deniz Besim

The Valley that Calls is a collection of one hundred and twenty poems divided into sestinas, villanelles, pantoums and sonnets. The poetry uncovers extraordinary themes including through an exploration of nature and a narration of personal tales. Not only are the stories told guaranteed to captivate readers but you are sure to be stunned by the grace of the valley and the beauty of the poetry narrated. Each and every tale told is remarkable and designed to be cherished.